Our trusted Scandinavian brands stay on board,
with the new direction we are going, a few new names are added.
Discover our sustainable range of brands for fashion and design. Beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

The definition of sustainability according to MOOSE

Sustainability today has a definition that is not always clear.

That is why we created our own method to define the concept,
by putting together our vision with that of the brand itself.
The result is a rating of max 5 stars. 

A brand tells a story that can change overtime.
That is why we evaluate our rating on a regular basis and adjust it when relevant. 

Soon you will find the following symbols in our store: 



Knowing who made the product.

Why do we care?
Intensive labour deserves an honest living wage.


Using sustainable (raw) materials when producing the (end) product.

Why do we care?
We believe that the fairest policy for preserving the environment starts
with the right choice of raw materials.


Knowing where the product was made

Why do we care?
The shorter the chain, the more we give our
environment a rest.


Creating the product in a sustainable way.

Why do we care?
Creating something affects so many different areas, that we support the brands who adopt a sustainable version of that process.