Moose in the City, the ultimate in store shopping experience in Antwerp and beyond.

MOOSE in the CITY is your go to partner for fashion and design that is inspired by Scandinavia.
In late 2020, we expanded our current selection with a range of conscious brands.



Our daily endeavour at MOOSE in the CITY? To bring your personal lifestyle to life with fashion
and design, by offering collections that are cross-pollinations between city life and nature,
craftsmanship and design. We keep the ecological footprint small where possible and mindfully
include brands that adopt a sustainable way of producing.

However, today, sustainability can mean a lot of things and its definition is not always clear. That
is why we decided to define our own criteria when it comes to sustainability in fashion and
design. To us, what matters are who, what, where and how.


WHO - knowing who made the product.

Why do we care?

Intensive labour deserves an honest living wage.


WHAT - using sustainable (raw) materials when producing the (end) product.

Why do we care?

We believe that the fairest policy for preserving the environment starts
with the right choice of raw materials.


WHERE - knowing where the product was made.

Why do we care? 

The shorter the chain, the more we give our
environment a rest.


HOW - creating the product in a sustainable way.

Why do we care?

Creating something affects so many different areas, that we support
the brands who adopt a sustainable version of that process.


Ambitious, but never over the top

Those criteria help us hold up a mirror to the brands we (want to) represent in our store.
Does it live up to our definition or does it clearly indicate that sustainability is the way
forward, then we very happily include their products in our selection.
One condition we always adhere to? A ‘sense of beauty’: sustainability can be beautiful too,
we believe. Sometimes the choice to select a brand was pretty straightforward, sometimes the
evaluation was a real challenge. Whatever the journey, with each decision we asked
ourselves: how does this brand help us do better for you?




Even more MOOSE icons to get to know.


Second life

An item deserves multiple lives, don’t you agree? With this label, you know that we try to do so, in all transparency. Fashion or books bought at our store can therefore be returned at any time. Based on the state the items are in, we decide on their next destination. The best part? You benefit too! Ask our staff for more information.



This label tells you that we try to avoid commodities ending up in the bin. Items no longer suitable for the second hand circuit are processed by our partner in sustainability, World Mission. This results in extra raw materials for new creations, thus less pressure on the environment. Win-win!





Since we opened our doors for the first time in 2011 we have undertaken quite the journey. We
strongly believe that a good idea should not be afraid of some self criticism, although when
applied to our story, we will never touch the roots of our concept. Today, MOOSE in the CITY still
offers a platform built on contradictions that go together surprisingly well:

● modern minimalism vs. pure authenticity
● urban vs. nature
● ordinary vs. original
● exclusive vs. mainstream


Summer of 2011

Our doors are open, for the first time! We are the new kid on the block, both in vision and in the
selection of the brands we sell. Scandinavia, its fashion and lifestyle is on the rise and MOOSE is
the first to introduce all of its beauty to the people in Antwerp and beyond.

Fall of 2013

The start-up period is over, tackled the teething troubles. We listen to our customers and expand
our square meter surface to 550m². A new wind blows through our product range: fashion and
design make up for most of our selection, gadgets and books now complete the (product) family.

Fall of 2017

We reduce our furniture selection and populate the design section with brands that sell more gift
inspiring gadgets. Our fashion range expands with extra footwear and we optimize its in store

Fall of 2020

After a critical self evaluation, we broaden our vision and mission: carefully but decisively,
we welcome sustainability into our story. In all its aspects - but without going over the top -
we choose iconical and/or innovative brands and retail gift ideas with a conscious identity.
We re-use the furniture of the old store in the new shop and we take your shopping
experience to a new level by installing a number of real life surprising elements.

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