Mijn vriendin Natalia

Laura Lindstedt
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My friend Natalia is an exceptional literary work about the boundaries of sexuality and power in the relationship with a patient.
and her therapist.

Natalia decides to go into therapy to tackle her sexual problems. She often thinks obsessively about sex, but during the act her thoughts only wander off. She has many partners, her relationships are short-lived. Her therapist starts with an experimental treatment, in which art, philosophy and literature are central. Why do fantasy and reality lie so far apart in Natalia's life? Is her hypersexuality a symptom of a bigger problem? As the sessions progress, it becomes clear that the therapy does not go according to the booklets. Natalia feels liberated and starts to take over the sessions more and more. Who has the power, Natalia or her therapist? Who is the actual narrator of this story?


Cover: hard cover / Format: 22.4x14.5x2.2 cm / Pages: 198 / Language: Dutch / Publisher: De Bezige Bij / Publication: 03/09/2020


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